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Read Our Top 10 Blogs About Professional Licensing for 2023

 Posted on January 31,2024 in Chiropractor/ Physical Therapist License Defense

Blog ImageAt The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc., we provide representation for licensed professionals, helping them take steps to defend against disciplinary action or address other issues that may affect their license or other aspects of their careers. On our blog, we provide our readers with information about the issues that may affect medical professionals, pharmacies, and others who need to address concerns related to professional licenses. In 2023, our most popular blogs included:

  1. Can I Work as a Nurse in Illinois if I Am Licensed in Another State? - Nurses who move to new states may need to address issues related to their licenses, ensuring that they will be able to continue working in the medical field. This blog looks at the requirements nurses who are licensed in other states or countries will need to meet to receive licensure by endorsement in Illinois.

  2. Is Marijuana Use Legal for Illinois Medical Professionals? - While Illinois has legalized the use of marijuana, medical professionals may need to be careful about their use of this drug. This blog looks at how marijuana use could potentially affect a person’s medical license.

  3. Unethical Behaviors Can Lead to License Suspension for Social Workers - This blog looks at when a social worker may face accusations of ethical misconduct and the consequences they may face in these situations.

  4. Requirements of a Nurse Practitioner in Illinois - This blog discusses what steps nurse practitioners will need to take to obtain licenses in Illinois and when they may face disciplinary action.

  5. What Is a Pharmacy Audit? - We look at what may be addressed during pharmacy compliance audits. In a recent update, we added some additional information about virtual audits and the steps that may be taken to address discrepancies that audits uncover.

  6. How Can a Psychologist Lose His or Her License? - This blog provides examples of misconduct that could result in disciplinary action for mental health professionals.

  7. What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Licensed Psychologist in Illinois? - We discuss the licensing requirements that apply for clinical psychologists and prescribing psychologists.

  8. Reasons You Could Lose Your Hospital Privileges That Have Nothing to Do With Patient Care - The loss of hospital privileges can drastically affect a medical professional’s ability to provide quality services for their patients. We look at some issues that could cause a hospital to revoke a provider’s privilege, even if there are no concerns about the quality of care they provide to patients.

  9. Protecting Yourself When You Are Under Investigation by the DEA - Medical professionals who learn that they are subject to investigations related to prescribing or dispensing controlled substances will need to understand how they may be affected and what they can do to avoid penalties. We provide information about what doctors, pharmacists, or other professionals should do in these situations.

  10. What Happens During a Medicare/Medicaid Audit of a Medical Provider? - The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) may perform audits to investigate billing irregularities or other concerns about noncompliance. This blog details the steps that are followed during CMS audits.

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