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DEA Illinois Drug Enforcement Administration Defense Lawyer

Illinois Drug Enforcement Administration Defense Lawyer

Representation for DEA Registration and Enforcement Actions Serving Cook County, Illinois, and Throughout the U.S.

Healthcare providers who prescribe controlled substances are responsible for staying in compliance with Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) requirements. With the increasing use of electronic records and data mining, certain prescribing and dispensing patterns can invite greater scrutiny from the DEA and other governing agencies. This can lead to investigations, audits, fines, and even the potential for a healthcare provider to be put out of business. If you are facing any issues with the DEA, it is important to have skilled legal counsel by your side aggressively advocating for your best interests.

At the The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc., we have over 16 years of experience and a strong track record of success representing licensed professionals with DEA registration and enforcement issues, as well as other concerns that affect their licenses and their ability to practice. Joseph Bogdan is both an attorney and registered pharmacist. He has his Pharmaceutical Doctorate degree and is a board member of the Illinois Pharmacist Association. He is frequently called on as an expert witness for medical, pharmacy, medical malpractice, and related cases, and he teaches Pharmacy Law at three universities in the Chicago area.

Attorney Bogdan's unique blend of legal and medical experience gives him extensive knowledge of the legal consequences professionals in the medical field face when dealing with agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Administration. Over the years, he has helped countless healthcare professionals with DEA-related matters, and his in-depth understanding of the challenges professionals face with this agency give his clients the assurance they are receiving the skilled representation necessary to secure a positive outcome.

Experienced Drug Enforcement Administration Assistance in Illinois

We assist healthcare professionals with all matters related to DEA registration and enforcement, including but not limited to:

Drug Enforcement Administration penalties can be very severe. They may include fines and special assessments, probation, suspension or revocation of your professional license, suspension or revocation of your DEA registration, and in some cases, incarceration. If you are a DEA registrant, and you are facing an audit or investigation into your practice, you cannot afford to leave this to chance. With so much at stake, you need representation from an attorney with particular experience in this area of the law. For a free consultation with Attorney Bogdan, contact our office today at 630-310-1267.

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