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What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Licensed Psychologist in Illinois?

 Posted on February 26,2020 in Psychologist/ Social Worker License Defense

Il license defense lawyerIn the state of Illinois, many different professions are regulated by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), from architects and detectives to accountants and engineers. Nearly all medical professionals, including psychologists, are also licensed by the IDFPR and must meet certain requirements to legally practice in the state. These requirements are put in place in order to maintain a certain level of safety for the public. Illinois issues two types of licensure for psychologists: clinical psychologist and prescribing psychologist. Each type of license has its own requirements, which are important to understand if you plan to apply for a license.

Clinical Psychologist

A clinical psychologist can be found in a variety of settings. Many clinical psychologists have their own practices and see various types of patients about various issues. Clinical psychologists have the ability to diagnose and treat patients with a variety of issues and work with primary care physicians and psychiatrists to control patients’ conditions with medication. To become a licensed clinical psychologist in Illinois, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Be a graduate of a doctoral program that is accredited by the American Psychological Association
  • Complete a minimum of two years of supervised experience, one of which being an internship and the other being postdoctoral experience
  • Pass an examination given by the IDFPR
  • Provide all of the required documentation, including proof of completion of required education and work experience

Prescribing Psychologist

A prescribing psychologist is a clinical psychologist who is permitted to prescribe certain medications to his or her patients. Because prescribing psychologists are given this ability, they must meet different requirements than the ones set forth for clinical psychologists. To become a licensed prescribing psychologist in Illinois, you must:

  • Hold a current and valid Illinois clinical psychologist license
  • Have completed specific undergraduate biomedical coursework
  • Have a minimum of 60 hours of didactic coursework relating to subjects such as pharmacology or patient diagnosis
  • Have completed at least 14 months of full-time, supervised clinical rotations, including portions in family medicine, geriatrics, emergency medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery, and one other area
  • Have passed a national certifying exam
  • Meet all other requirements for receiving a prescribing psychologist license

An Illinois Professional License Defense Attorney Can Answer Your Questions

Applying for a psychologist license can be a daunting process, especially if this is the first time you have attempted to do so. The application requires extensive documentation and can be confusing at times. At The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc., we can answer any questions you may have about psychologist licensing requirements or the documentation needed to have your application approved. Our skilled Illinois professional license defense lawyer has helped countless health care professionals with their licensing cases. To see how we can help you, call our office today at 630-310-1267 to schedule a consultation.



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