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Illinois Expert Witness Services for Medical Professional Cases

Illinois medical expert witness for healthcare cases, DEA hearings, and licensing boards

Attorney Serving as an Expert Witness in Cases Involving Doctors and Medical Providers Throughout the United States

Physicians, specialists, nurses, and other healthcare providers often need to address legal issues related to their practice. During these cases, expert witnesses are often called to review a case, provide legal consultation, submit reports, and offer testimony. Medical providers will want to be sure the legal aspects of their cases are addressed properly, and to do so, they should work with an expert witness who is experienced in healthcare law and understands the role that various state and federal laws play in their situation, as well as the policies and procedures followed by hospitals, insurance companies, licensing boards, and government agencies.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc. have nearly two decades of experience in matters related to the practice of medicine. As a registered pharmacist, Attorney Joseph Bogdan regularly serves as an expert witness in pharmacy cases, and he also brings his understanding of healthcare law to a wide variety of other types of cases involving medical professionals. With our in-depth knowledge of the law and experience representing clients throughout the medical field, we can ensure that all aspects of your case are considered properly.

Expert Witness Services in Multiple Types of Cases

When serving as an expert witness, our lawyers will thoroughly review your case to ensure that all legal and medical issues are properly considered. We can make sure the law is applied correctly while also considering the big picture regarding the quality of services performed and the procedures followed when administering care or prescribing or dispensing medications. We can provide expert witness services in a wide variety of situations, including:

  • Medical licensing - Providers who are facing disciplinary action from state licensing boards, such as the Illinois Board of Nursing or the Illinois Medical Board, may need an expert witness to offer reports or testimony in disciplinary hearings. We can help address any claims that a provider has committed unprofessional or unethical conduct or otherwise acted in a way that merited discipline to their medical license.
  • Hospital privileges - We can review a hospital's bylaws and the criteria and procedures followed when making decisions about whether a staff member's privileges should be revoked, and we can provide testimony in hearings before a hospital's board or disciplinary committee.
  • Provider enrollment - We can help medical professionals understand the issues considered in insurance audits and provide consultation and witness services in cases involving the potential loss of provider status with private insurers or with Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Medical malpractice - If a doctor or other provider is accused of deviating from the standards of care, we can review the case from both a legal and medical perspective and provide an expert opinion in a personal injury lawsuit.
  • Prescribing and dispensing medications - With our knowledge and experience in cases involving the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), we can address situations involving questionable prescribing practices, prescriptions for the wrong drugs or wrong doses, or accusations of drug diversion. We can serve as an expert witness in DEA administrative hearings that address the suspension or revocation of a provider's controlled substance registration or the denial of a provider's application for DEA registration.

Contact Our U.S. Expert Witnesses for Healthcare Cases

With our experience in cases involving healthcare law, professional licensing, controlled substances, and pharmacy practice, The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc. can provide the expert witness services you need. Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant in a medical malpractice case or a provider who needs to address issues related to your medical license, the DEA, or other issues that affect your practice, we can assist with your case. Schedule a free consultation today by contacting our office at 630-310-1267.

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