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"My heart sank when I received the email from the IDFPR notifying me that I was reported and would be facing a permanent disciplinary action being attached to my medical license. I immediately began searching for an attorney to represent me, and thankfully I was able to find Joseph Bogdan.

He was kind, patient, and assuring without giving me false hope. He was always available to speak to me via phone and email. Between his experience as a pharmacist and an attorney, I believe he is the most empathetic and capable attorney you will find in this domain.

His associate, Maryam Hassani, is the ultimate closer. She encouraged me to be bold and honest about what I wanted from the IDFPR, and ultimately, my case was closed with no disciplinary or non-disciplinary remark being placed on my license!

If you are in a position where your livelihood and your ability to care for patients is in jeopardy, please look no further than The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan."

- Dr. Alqadi

We call it the walk of shame.

I have made glib, nervous jokes when I have witnessed fellow nurses walked out of the facility where we worked together. It has been my experience that at least half of these nurses probably did not deserve the blow. Careers tarnished or destroyed? Yes, I have seen it happen. All nurses have. I never thought it could happen to me.

It did happen. An investigator from the State of Illinois called me one morning. My career, my ability to provide for my family and my peace of mind were under attack. The reasons are incidental in that moment. This person was not my friend. There were several valid explanations that I was able to offer in my defense. The investigator was relentless. Thinly veiled accusations were being cast about as bait designed to assist the state in its assault on my name and reputation.

I knew I was in deep trouble, so was my wife, my three children and my only grandchild. We needed help.

There was a vague memory of a story I overheard between some coworkers, one of whom had gotten a favorable judgement in her own battle against the state. I cannot remember her name but the name of the attorney who represented her stuck with me.

It was Joseph Bogdan.

Our first conversation began a little bumpy. I wanted him to understand how essential it was to my family that we have a good outcome. Mr. Bogdan was clear about what he could and could not do. When I pressed him too hard, he gave me a glimpse of his will, presenting a commanding presence while remaining understanding, calm and reassuring.

Joseph Bogdan understands being an old dog in nursing faced with the new tricks presented in our modern culture of grievances, self-indulgence, and finger-pointing. He helped me to see that the sky was not falling. I was feeling overwhelmed by this situation, but he helped me to relax when he explained that for someone with his experience this is a routine grounder. He understood how I felt, and I felt important to him.

My family is off the hook. None of it ended up sticking to my nursing license. I could not be happier that this weight has been lifted. If you suddenly find your career on the line, remember this: The Law Office of Joseph Bogdan comes highly recommended by this nurse. He protected my livelihood and gave me back my peace of mind.

- Anonymous

Simply put, Jay is very knowledgeable in any situation involving criminal cases with pharmaceutical issues involved. He saved my life, my career & was a very down to Earth guy. Explained everything and options, prepped me on things that might be asked of me. We even had dealings with the DEA. Very scary stuff! But everything worked out in my favor with his help & guidance.

- Brian

He was very concerned for my personal well being. I had a case with IDFPR in which my license was suspended. Jay helped me get my license back on probation status then ultimately re-instated fully. He coached me not only what documents to have but also during my formal hearing. He was responsive to any concerns I had. I have already recommended him to another colleague who also had a good outcome. I greatly appreciate all he did for me. There was never any judgement from Jay, just encouragement and a sense that he had my back. I cant say enough about Jay. He was a God send in a very difficulty situation. I appreciate all the grace that he forwarded to me.

- Tamra

I had a rather complicated situation regarding my physician license restoration after having been out of clinical practice for over three years. I was fortunate to find this attorney, as he is very familiar with the workings of the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. I came to find out that he actually worked for the IDPFR in the past as a prosecuting attorney. This is a crucial aspect that your attorney must have in dealing with licensing issues; it is a specialty unto itself. Being a Pharm.D. as well, Dr. Bogdan's knowledge regarding medicine is very rare indeed in an attorney.

He and his assistant, Sheri, were initially genuinely concerned about helping me, and as they worked with my case more they only became more so. I was able to contact Dr. Bogdan any time I needed to. My first conversation was him calling on his cell phone while he was away from his office having dinner with his family. His assistant had relayed my initial phone call to him and he cared enough to call me even then to reassure me and let me know he would advocate for me. He stood by that throughout.

Dr. Bogdan's knowledge, training, experience and scholarship would likely have achieved what I needed. But his genuine caring made all the difference during a difficult time. His guidance took the weight off of me, that weight being too heavy at times to carry alone. He was there.

- Dr. P

I am a physician who has had problems with a number of licensing bodies over the past 8-9 years including the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services (the Medicare exclusion list). At one time I believed that these problems were insurmountable. I have known Jay Bogdan for close to ten years and I have been blessed indeed to have had him represent me during my fight to restore my career and reputation. He is a highly intelligent, knowledgeable and personable attorney who has always been there for me when I needed him. One by one he has helped me to address and gradually overcome the obstacles posed by these various licensing entities. My optimism about my career and my future has been restored. I do not know how will ever be able to pay him back for eveything he has done for me.

- Dr. Brad

Words cannot express how tremendously grateful I am to Mr. Bogdan for his sincere compassion and legal assistance during my IDFPR hearing. Mr. Bogdan is very knowledgeable about IL pharmacy law and kept me well informed of developments and strategy. He came highly recommended to me and I would recommend him to others in need of legal assistance to help protect their professional license.

- Anonymous

Mr. Bogdan advocated consistently and with finesse on my behalf. Throughout the process he used his knowledge and experience in licensing cases to advocate for me and it really paid off. When things looked the worst, and I thought my case was closed, he remained encouraging and honest and he continued to work on my behalf. Mr. Bogdan's representation is well-worth the cost.

- Anonymous

I hired Mr. Bogdan to represent me in closing of a pharmacy that I owned. Jay was very pleasant. He returned my calls in a timely manner. I would hire him again if the need arises.

- Melissa

No doubt there was a lot of leg work behind the scenes that I'll remain unaware of, but upon retaining Jay (Joseph) Bogdan's services (he was recommended to me by IPHP), he pulled a 180 on my situation with the board, within a week! What was a bleak situation with my license that threatened to drag on for months or more was fully resolved only weeks later.

I especially like Jay's direct, no-BS approach and attitude. He's a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of guy who gets in there, gets his hands dirty, and gets the job done. There's no arguing with the blinding speed with which he attacked and successfully resolved my case.

Lastly, it's important to note that he's a former prosecutor for the IDFPR Pharmacy Board. Do not dismiss the benefit of this. Not only does he have good rapport with the department's employees, but he knows how to naviate the minefield that is the IDFPR bureaucracy. Invaluable. Can't recommend this man's services enough. He's highly qualified, easy to talk to, and deadly efficient.

- John

I enlisted Jay's services for a case with the IDPFR. Jay was very knowledgeable, professional, proficient, and kind. He worked with me through a stressful time in my career and we got an excellent outcome. It should be worth noting that Jay worked at the IDPFR for many years, a fact that should not be overlooked.

I wholeheartedly recommend Joseph John "Jay" Bogdan.

- Anonymous

Mr Bogdan represented me in a case before the Illinois Medical Board this past April. I found him to be a very personable, extremely competent professional who represented me well during a very stressful moment in my life. We worked together as a team as achieved an extremely successful outcome,(we won!!!!!??).

Joseph actually worked for the Illinois Medical Board from "the other side" and knows what the important matters for your defense are. Additionally, he knows most of the people who are working against you and that collegial relationship helps you immensely in your defense. On a personal note, Joseph understood the intense pressure, stress and urgency of my situation and was there after our "victory" to help me process the emotional aftermath and I will always be thankful for that. I would hang with him as a friend if we both had the time; we are both busy professionals with busy hectic lives. I will also be there for him as a physician if he needs me.

I recommend him wholeheartedly. You can ask him for my real name and number and we can talk together about my recommendation in more detail if you want. Good luck

- BL

Jay Bogdan is a very good attorney. I hired him to represent me when I was closing a pharmacy that I owned. He is very personable and answers calls in a timely manner. I would hire him again if the legal need arises.

- Melissa Epps

Joseph helped my wife with the Illinois Nursing Board it took a while for the Nursing Board to get to her case but he spoke to the right people and got the job done! Joseph is an honest and hardworking attorney you will not be disappointed with his representation

- David Burton

I contacted Joseph for advice answering a deficiency checklist to the nursing board. I had worked with a different law firm at first but my questions were never fully answered and I felt uneasy following their advice. I reached out to Joseph and within a little over a week I had my license issued. His associate Patrick handled my case. They were both very straight-forward, set realistic expectations, efficient and respectful. I wish I had contacted them first. Rest assured with them you are in the most competent hands. They were both genuinely happy for me regarding the outcome of my case proving they care about their clients and want to help them. They know how to handle these cases and most importantly, in my case at least, who to contact at the IDFPR to expedite the case to move the process along. Save yourself some time, money, and anxiety by contacting them first.

- Google User

"I am a Medical Resident and hired Jay Bogdan for legal assistance in defending my medical license and legal representation when going in front of the Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulation.

The services provided were very professional and tailored to meet my individual needs, both in terms of my specific circumstance and the outcome I was seeking when meeting with IDFPR. The ancillary staff that I interacted with was very professional, accommodating, and friendly. Jay was extremely mindful, engaged, and prepared during our meeting with IDFPR, which helped alleviate the stressful nature of a very anxiety-provoking situation.

I chose to retain legal representation and guidance because I felt it in my best interest to go in front of the board with legal assistance and I was fearful of having my medical license suspended. I had never received disciplinary action prior to this and felt under-prepared to go before IDFPR by myself. Jay helped prepare me for my meeting with IDFPR by explaining to me what to expect, how the legal proceedings go once the meeting begins, and assisted me during the meeting when answering questions asked about my situation. He also explained to me the terms of my contract once a determination was made and approved, which was very helpful. Seeking legal representation with Jay, in my case, was the best decision I could have made. Jay has a great deal of experience with IDFPR and is well-known and well-liked by the board members, which helped alleviate my fear going into the disciplinary conference and ultimately assisted me in obtaining the most favorable outcome."

- K.H.

"I am a CRNA and sought professional legal help from Mr. Bogdan upon learning that I was facing a potential license suspension. Though I self-reported and sought treatment, I had violated a previous agreement with IDFPR and it was just a matter of time before my license would be suspended. Jay was very understanding of my position, and seemed to genuinely care and want to help. At first I decided to just let things happen on their own, as I was told by others that I didn’t have a chance. However, Jay followed up with ME and suggested I at least let him give it a shot. Had he not, I don’t even want to think about where I would be right now. Well, to make a long story short, I was given probation instead of suspension and thus am able to continue to do the job I love and am doing great! Thanks Jay!"

- Satisfied Client

"It was our great pleasure & success working with Mr Bogdan and his team. Throughout the time we noticed that they were great professionals to work with, to the point writing an appeal that lead to our success. We wish him good luck and success in years to come. Thanks."

- H. Desai, Castle Hill Community Pharmacy, BX, NY

"I was given Mr. Bogdan phone number by Georgia pharmacy association and I am glad I did. He helped me overcome a financial burden that was being placed on me unfair by a pharmacy wholesaler."

- C. Clements

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