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As a medical provider, your ability to practice may rely on your ability to prescribe medications to patients or dispense drugs to consumers. Maintaining a certificate of registration with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is essential for providers such as physicians, dentists, pharmacies, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners, and any DEA enforcement actions will need to be addressed quickly and effectively. If you have received an Order to Show Cause from the DEA, an experienced DEA registration attorney can help you determine how you should respond.

At The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc., we regularly represent medical professionals in matters involving the DEA, and we are prepared to defend your controlled substance registration and help you maintain your ability to practice in your chosen field. We provide a full range of services for the licensed professional, and in addition to helping you address concerns related to DEA registration, we can also assist with professional license defense, loss of provider status, or board certification.

What Is an Order to Show Cause?

When the DEA takes action to suspend or deny a provider's controlled substance registration, or if it chooses to deny a DEA registration application or renewal, an official notice will be sent to the registrant or applicant. This notice is known as an Order to Show Cause, and it will include a statement describing the reasons for the DEA's decisions, including citations of any laws or regulations that have allegedly been violated.

After being served with an Order to Show Cause, an applicant or registrant will have 30 days to respond. They may ask for an administrative hearing where they will appear before an administrative law judge (ALJ) and demonstrate why their DEA registration should not be denied, suspended, or revoked. A person can also waive their right to a hearing and submit a written statement describing their arguments and asking the DEA Administrator to make a decision about whether enforcement actions are appropriate. If a person fails to file a response to an Order to Show Cause within 30 days, the DEA will most likely request a final order to suspend, revoke, or deny their registration, and an ALJ will make a decision based on the evidence provided by the DEA in this order.

Most of the time, a person who receives an Order to Show Cause will be able to continue practicing until a final decision is made in their case. An Order to Show Cause states that the DEA intends to take enforcement actions against a person's DEA registration, but an existing registration will usually not be suspended or revoked unless the DEA also issues an immediate suspension order. In these cases, a registrant will be required to cease all handling of controlled substances while a case is ongoing.

After responding to an Order to Show Cause, a registrant or applicant may submit a Corrective Action Plan that will show that they are taking steps to address the DEA's concerns about their handling of controlled substances. This plan may include remedial actions that the person has taken or plans to take, and it can ask that the DEA discontinue enforcement actions as long as the provider meets all of the requirements of the plan.

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If you have been notified that the DEA is taking enforcement actions against your controlled substance registration, The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc. will work with you to determine how you should proceed. We will work with you to file a response, provide you with legal representation in administrative hearings, and make sure you take the necessary steps to maintain your ability to practice. Contact us today at 630-310-1267 to set up a free consultation with our attorneys.

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