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Can I Work as a Nurse in Illinois If I am Licensed in Another State?

 Posted on August 12,2020 in Nursing License Defense

IL license defense lawyerIt is fairly recognized that nursing school is not an easy path to take. While slightly less rigorous than medical school, those who wish to be Illinois nurses are still required to take intense courses aimed at preparing them for in-field work and the difficult exam, known as the NCLEX-RN, to become a registered nurse. This exam is a national, standardized test to ensure that future nurses are fully capable of taking care of patients and performing other medical duties.

Since many nursing students take their NCLEX exam coming out of college, they will typically receive nursing licensure in the state where they went to school. However, it is unlikely that these medical professionals will never move out of state. For those moving to Illinois, there is a particular process that they must follow to become an Illinois certified nurse.

Out-of-State Licensure

If a nurse moves from one state to another and still intends on working in this field, they will need to receive “licensure by endorsement” in the new state that they are moving to. In other words, out of state nurses must receive license verification and endorsement from the previous state(s) that they worked in. This includes the current state, the original state (if different), and any other state that the nurse has practiced over the past five years. Illinois requires nurses to provide their NCLEX results, either from the state of original licensure or the testing company. These endorsement candidates can be issued a temporary license to begin work while the paperwork is being processed.

International Licensure

Immigrants or international students are not withheld from American nursing positions so long as they follow the proper steps to obtain their Illinois licensure. Foreign nurses must be licensed in the country where they did their education and meet all other requirements. A credentialed report must be given from one of two approved agencies and their license and credentials must have a certified English translation attached. The candidate’s language skills will also be analyzed. If their first language is not English, he or she must take the IELTS Academic Module or TOEFL. However, if their program was an English nursing program or their nursing exam was done in English, this requirement can be waived.

Contact an Illinois Nurse Defense Lawyer

For nurses and other medical professionals, your license is your livelihood. Any disciplinary action or denial for endorsement in your new home state can leave you unable to work and support you and your family. The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc. provides skilled defense for nurses who are facing licensure difficulties in Illinois. As both a lawyer and registered pharmacist, Attorney Bogdan understands how critical licensure is to Illinois medical professionals. Contact our Illinois nurse defense attorney at 630-310-1267 to discuss your case.



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