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When a Medical Professional Needs Legal Help

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IL license defense lawyerMembers of the medical community are held to an incredibly high standard. Due to the manner in which an error or negligent act can impact a patient, a mistake can cost a medical employee their medical license. Here in the state of Illinois, the Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board is in charge of responding to complaints made against medical personnel. Every year, the Disciplinary Board receives approximately 3,000 complaints. If a complaint is filed against you, it is important to act quickly and seek out legal guidance immediately.

Mistakes That Could Cost You

Medical professionals are under an incredible amount of pressure. Long hours, rigorous work days, and the pressure of life or death operations, are all aspects of life as a medical worker. Due to the stressors of medical work, it is not uncommon for mistakes to occur. Listed below are some of the most common mistakes, that could potentially cost you your medical license.

Medical Error: When patients enter a medical facility, they are putting their complete trust into the hands of the doctors and nurses, alike. While this trust is usually rewarded through quality care, in the vast majority of cases, medical error is entirely possible. Medical mistakes can range from delays in treatment, failure to correctly diagnose a condition, and incorrect prescription writeups. In some cases, errors such as overprescribing a patient, are intended actions. Regardless of the reasons why the mistake occurred, a medical error can cost you your license.

Civilian Mistakes: Medical personnel are people too, they live their lives outside of the workplace, just like everyone else. Due to the importance of their work, many medical facilities hold their employees to an incredibly high standard, when outside of the workplace. A common criminal defense, such as a drug possession charge, or a drinking and driving arrest, can lead to your health care institution looking to terminate your employment, and ensure that you no longer have licensing privileges. In the event of a criminal charge, speak with a legal professional, right away.

Mistreatment of Patients: Over 50% of all annual complaints received by the Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board are placed by patients. Patients can place complaints for any number of reasons, including medical error (as mentioned above), but complaints are commonly placed due to overt employee misconduct. If a medical employee yells or screams at a patient, or physically harms a patient, they are likely to face a review from the disciplinary board. Additionally, any form of sexual harassment is likely to warrant a licensing investigation. If you regularly work with patients, be sure to always act in a professional manner.

Contact an Illinois Medical License Defense Lawyer

With over a decade of experience working with medical personnel, Attorney Joseph J. Bogdan fully understands how emotional a disciplinary investigation can be for a professional. If your medical license is revoked or even suspended, the impact could be devastating to your financial security and career. Fortunately, a quality legal professional can help you navigate this process. Attorney Bogdan firmly believes that no professional should lose their ability to work, simply due to one mistake. If a complaint is lodged against you, contact an Illinois license defense attorney, immediately. To schedule a complimentary consultation, call us today at 630-310-1267.




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