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What Pharmacy Students Need to Know About MPJE Remediation

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Il MPJE Remediation LawyerPharmacists need to have detailed knowledge of a wide variety of pharmaceutical issues, as well as the practices followed in their profession and the legal issues related to the products and services they provide to patients. To ensure that a person will be able to meet all of their ongoing requirements as a pharmacist, they will need to complete examinations demonstrating their knowledge and competency. The Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination (MPJE) is one of the two exams that students must pass, and if they fail this exam three times, they must complete certain requirements for remediation before they can retake the exam.

What Does the MPJE Cover?

The MPJE will consist of 120 questions, and a person will have 2.5 hours to complete the exam. These questions will cover:

  • Pharmacy practice (around 83 percent of the test) - Subjects addressed will include the legal responsibilities of pharmacy staff, procedures followed when acquiring and distributing pharmaceutical products, legal requirements for issuing prescriptions, proper procedures for dispensing controlled substances and other products, patient counseling requirements, requirements when distributing or dispensing non-prescription products or medications, record-keeping procedures, and requirements for handling hazardous materials.

  • Licensing, registration, certification, and operational requirements (around 15 percent of the test) - Subjects addressed will include the application, examination, and internship requirements a person must meet to engage in dispensing, storing, or distributing prescription and non-prescription pharmaceutical products, as well as the requirements for establishing and operating a pharmacy business or practice.

  • Regulations (around 2 percent of the test) - These questions will address the laws and rules that apply to manufacturing, storing, distributing, and dispensing pharmaceutical products, including bulk drug substances, controlled substances, and devices.

MPJE Remediation Requirements

To pass the MPJE, a person must have a score of 75 or higher. If a person fails the test three times, they must receive remedial education through an approved program. This program must include at least 30 hours of classroom instruction covering the subjects that a person answered incorrectly on the exam. Alternatively, a person may complete a tutorial with a pharmacist or a faculty member at an approved college that is equivalent to a 30-hour educational course. This tutorial must be approved by the Illinois Board of Pharmacy.

Contact an Illinois MPJE Remediation Lawyer

If you have failed the MPJE, Attorney Joseph J. Bogdan can help you meet the requirements for remediation. As a licensed pharmacist who has served as an assistant pharmacy professor at several universities throughout the state of Illinois, Mr. Bogdan understands the issues that are covered on the MPJE, and he can provide you with the instruction and training you need to pass the exam. He will ensure that you meet the requirements for obtaining 30 hours of education while working closely with you to make sure you will be prepared to answer questions correctly. To learn more about how we can help you complete the requirements to become a licensed pharmacist, contact our Illinois MPJE tutor by calling 630-310-1267.


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