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What Is the Role of an Illinois Dental Hygienist?

Posted on March 26, 2018 in Dentist License Defense

Illinois license attorneyDental school is a rigorous program that comes with many hours of studying and testing. There are some requirements to be a dental hygienist, and the duties of a dental hygienist are not the same as a dentist. Dental hygienists often work closely with the dentist and other personnel, but their duties as more restricted.

What Tasks Can a Dental Hygienist Perform?

In Illinois, a dental hygienist can perform the procedures of dental hygiene, dental health education functions, and all other procedures that may be performed by a trained dental assistant. A dental hygienist may also record observed case histories and oral conditions.

A dental hygienist may also administer and monitor nitrous oxide under the supervision of a dentist. He or she may also assist in providing moderate sedation, deep sedation, local anesthesia, and general anesthesia, as long as the dental hygienist is under the dentist’s supervision.

Proof of Certification Requirements

The dental hygienist is responsible for providing proof of certification, showing completion of a 12-course regarding nitrous oxide analgesia. The dental hygienist must submit this certification to the dentist, proving valid completion of the course requirements. In addition to the 12-hour course, a dental hygienist must also complete another two-hour course in nitrous oxide administration.

If the dental hygienist did not complete the 12-hour course, he or she must show proof of completion of a 14-hour course relative to the administration and monitoring of nitrous oxide analgesia. The certificate of completion must be submitted to the dentist for verification.

What Tasks Can a Dental Hygienist Not Perform?

In the state of Illinois, a dental hygienist may not perform procedures that require the best judgment of a licensed dentist. These duties that a dental hygienist may not perform include:

  • Making denture adjustments;
  • Placing and finishing composite restorations;
  • Taking final impressions of prosthetic appliances, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, or other restorative or replacement dentistry work;
  • Cementing permanent crowns or bridges;
  • Re-cementing loose permanent crowns or bridges;
  • Inter-oral use of a high-speed hand device;
  • Use of a laser to remove tissue; and
  • Placing or removing implant prosthetic components or prostheses.

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