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What Information Is Required to Obtain LegitScript Certification?

 Posted on February 15,2024 in Pharmacy License Defense

Blog ImageIn recent years, the online pharmaceutical industry has seen significant growth. With the convenience and accessibility of purchasing medications online, more and more people are turning to internet pharmacies for their prescription needs. However, along with this growth comes a heightened risk of fraudulent or illegal practices within the industry.

To protect consumers from potentially dangerous or counterfeit medications, regulatory bodies have established certifications for online pharmacies. One such certification is LegitScript. This verification and monitoring service assesses the legitimacy of internet healthcare businesses, including online pharmacies. In order to obtain LegitScript certification, certain information needs to be provided and verified by the organization seeking certification. An attorney who has an understanding of the legal issues that affect pharmacy and healthcare licensing can assist with the process of applying for LegitScript certification.

The Information Required

LegitScript requires detailed information about an online pharmacy in order to evaluate its operations and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Some of the key pieces of information required for LegitScript certification include:

  • Business Entity: An online pharmacy must provide documentation proving its legal existence as a registered business entity in its jurisdiction. This includes verification of the physical location of the business and the domain name of its website.

  • Licensing Information: Online pharmacies need to furnish relevant licenses issued by appropriate government authorities that authorize them to sell prescription drugs or provide other services.

  • Legal Compliance: A pharmacy must verify that it complies with applicable laws related to selling prescription drugs, including demonstrating that it does not facilitate prescriptions or uses of drugs that have not been approved for medical use.

  • Affiliates: A pharmacy, its owners or staff members, or any other parties that participate in the business must not be affiliated with any entities that have violated the standards put in place by LegitScript.

  • Patient Services: A phone number or other method that patients can use to contact a pharmacy and consult with a pharmacist must be provided.

  • Privacy: A pharmacy’s personnel must follow all applicable laws to ensure that protected health information (PHI) for patients is not released to the public.

  • Controlled Substances: A pharmacy must comply with all applicable laws related to prescribing, dispensing, shipping, and storing controlled substances.

  • Prescription validity: A pharmacy will be required to show that it will only dispense medications after receiving valid prescriptions.

  • Transparency: A pharmacy must avoid any practices that could be seen as fraudulent or deceptive to the public.

The Importance of LegitScript Certification for Online Pharmacies

LegitScript certification plays a vital role in recognizing qualified online pharmacies. For consumers seeking affordable options or those who face geographical barriers to accessing medication locally, LegitScript certification offers assurance that the pharmacy operates within legal boundaries while prioritizing consumer safety. Here are some key reasons why LegitScript certification is important for online pharmacies:

Elevated Consumer Trust

Achieving LegitScript certification demonstrates an online pharmacy's commitment to maintaining ethical practices and adhering to regulatory standards. Because of illegal pharmaceutical activities on the internet, such as the sale of counterfeit drugs or unapproved medications without proper prescriptions, consumers often encounter concerns regarding the authenticity of medications and the protection of their personal data. A LegitScript certification can alleviate these concerns by providing a recognizable badge that can be displayed on a pharmacy’s website, indicating legitimacy and reliability.

Promoting Patient Safety

The internet provides ample opportunities for illicit practices, including the sale of medications without proper oversight. Online pharmacies that do not have LegitScript certification may not require valid prescriptions, or they may sell controlled substances without adhering to legal protocols. This puts patients at risk of receiving expired, counterfeit, or incorrectly labeled drugs that could have severe health consequences. LegitScript certification ensures that online pharmacies meet stringent standards for patient safety and help protect against such risks.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

Obtaining LegitScript certification signifies an online pharmacy's commitment to complying with applicable laws and regulations in their jurisdiction(s). It demonstrates that the pharmacy follows the proper procedures for prescription verification, drug sourcing, data protection, and maintaining transparency in business operations

Gaining Merchant Account Approval

Many payment processors and credit card companies recognize the value of LegitScript certification when evaluating whether to offer services to an online pharmacy. These financial institutions prioritize compliance and due diligence when considering partnerships within high-risk industries like pharmaceuticals. Having a recognized certification can significantly increase the chances of obtaining merchant account approval.

Online Advertising

Before a pharmacy can purchase online ads on search engines such as Google or social networks such as Facebook, LegitScript certification will be required. Recognition that a pharmacy is trusted to dispense medications or provide other services ensures that it will be able to promote itself and connect with customers online.

Contact Our Chicago Online Pharmacy Certification Attorney

The process of obtaining LegitScript certification is complex, and it is crucial to ensure that the right information is provided in an application. At The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc., our Illinois LegitScript certification lawyer has a comprehensive understanding of the legal concerns that affect pharmacies. We can ensure that a pharmacy that provides online services will be able to demonstrate legitimacy and receive approval to advertise online. Contact us today at 630-310-1267 to arrange a free consultation.

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