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What Happens When an Employer Files a Complaint with the Illinois Medical Board?

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oak brook medical license defense lawyerNot every job turns out the way we hope. It is not uncommon for a medical professional – just like any other profession – to find themselves at odds with their supervisor or manager. Although many of these disagreements may be worked out, there are unfortunately instances where no resolutions are able to be met and the employee either leaves or is fired. In extremely acrimonious situations, the employer may even make accusations of wrongdoing against the employee and threaten or actually file a complaint with the Illinois board that oversees that medical professional’s license. If you find yourself in this position, contact an Illinois medical license defense attorney right away for legal assistance.

Reporting Misconduct of an Employee

If an employer believes that one of their employees has committed some kind of act or behavior that violates the standards set forth by the state of Illinois, their employer not only has a right to report that violation, but they also have a legal duty.

For example, if a hospital has discovered that one of their nurses has a substance abuse issue and has been stealing prescription medications from patients for their own use, not only do they need to take the appropriate action against that nurse, but they also need to report the drug use and theft to the Illinois Board of Nursing. If they fail to take action, they could be putting patients’ lives at risk. They also leave their facility open to legal action should something tragic occur, as well as jeopardize their own licensing with the state.

However, there are also situations where an employer may file a complaint against the employer that is not true. This is often the case if the medical professional and the employer have a binding contract, but the employer is trying to force the employee out without adhering to the terms of the contract. The employer may tell the employee they will not file the complaint if they just resign.

Whether out of an attempt to break a contract, vindictiveness, or any other reason, if your employer has filed a false complaint against you or threatens to, you should contact an Illinois professional license defense attorney right away. It is important to remember that if that complaint is filed, you are no longer just fighting your employer. You will need to defend yourself against any investigation the medical board initiates and prove to them you are innocent of these accusations your employer has made against you.

Contact an Illinois License Defense Lawyer for Assistance

No matter what the situation is, any time there is any kind of action or activity that could threaten your medical license status, it is in your best interest not to try to defend against these charges yourself. Contact an Illinois medical license defense lawyer from The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc. to find out what your legal options may be. Call 630-310-1267 today to schedule a free consultation.



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