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Ways to Prepare for Your PBM Audit

 Posted on August 17,2018 in PBM Pharmacy Audits

IL licensing attorneyIf you have received notice of an upcoming pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) audit, there are several things you can do to prepare. The consequences of a PBM audit are real and can be long-lasting. Going into an audit prepared is advisable.

Many clients find that adequate preparation can alleviate problems that can come up during an audit. A skilled PBM audit defense attorney can identify specific areas that you should focus on in the time before your pharmacy’s audit. However, typically you will benefit from taking the following steps:

  • Review the written on-site audit notification. You want to pay close attention to the scope of the audit, including the date ranges that the audit will cover. The terms of the audit as stated in the letter should comply with your contract and will applicable laws. An attorney may be needed to determine compliance.
  • Check the date of the proposed audit. This date should be a date when you and other needed personnel will be present. An audit should not be left to employees to handle.
  • Create an audit file. This file or box should contain all correspondence, records, notes, and documentation of telephone calls related to the audit.
  • Meet with your staff. Your staff should be prepared for the audit as well.
  • Organize your records and conduct a self-audit. You should review what records you have as well as identify any problem areas that the PBM auditor may spot.
  • Prepare a designated physical area for the audit. This area should be private. It should also be away from your employees’ spaces and pharmacy operations. Often a closed-off breakroom with a table and chair is suitable.

Contact an Illinois PBM Audit Attorney

A PBM audit lawyer can help you prepare for your audit with efficiency and effectiveness. Our firm’s experienced Illinois PBM audit defense lawyer is also a registered pharmacist. Attorney Joseph Bogdan has a pharmacy doctorate and is a board member of the Illinois Pharmacist Association. He is often used as a pharmacy expert witness in court. He also teaches pharmacy law courses at the university level.

Our firm has assisted many pharmacies before, during and after the audit process. Our attorney understands what auditors will be looking for and common pitfalls that pharmacies will encounter. An audit is a critical proceeding that can tremendously affect your pharmacy. Call our firm today at 630-310-1267 to get started.




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