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The Federation of State Medical Boards: What It Is and Why Physicians Should Care

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IL defense lawyerMost Illinois physicians are familiar with the Illinois Medical Board. It is where they obtained licensing status, and it is a constant concern to their practice. However, fewer people—including some doctors— know about the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and the role it plays in their lives. Learn what it is and why it is important with help from the following information.

The Federation of State Medical Boards

Each state has its own licensing board, and the Federation of State Medical Boards ties them all together. It represents the 70 medical boards in the United States and its territories, including the District of Columbia. It offers policies, education, programs, and additional services to the state boards so that they can function effectively. The FSMB also enables state-to-state sharing of physician information. By far, that sharing is likely the most concerning issue for physicians.

How FSMB Sharing Can Impact Your Practice

The FSMB sharing allows state boards to look up disciplinary actions carried out by other state boards. So, if you lose your medical license or have it suspended in one state and then try to move, you may still be barred from practicing medicine. If you come under investigation, fail to see the investigation through to completion and move, the new state may have access to that information as well. Patients can also use the FSMB to check licensing issues in other states. With this in mind, even if an investigation seems arbitrary, it is important that you protect your license to the best of your ability.

Protecting Your Medical License

At first glance, protecting your medical license seems simple. Stay out of trouble, conduct yourself professionally, and provide quality medical care. Unfortunately, it is not always that easy. An angry staff member, a vengeful ex-partner, or even your annoying neighbor can file a complaint against you. Even minor criminal infractions can lead to investigation. Sometimes, doctors and their practices are targeted for no other reason than they distribute pain medication. These challenges mean that a physician should always know where to find assistance.

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