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Reacting to a DEA Investigation

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IL license defense lawyerIf you are a healthcare provider that prescribes controlled substances, you are being monitored by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Due to the potential for illegal activity in the pharmacy business, DEA inspectors visit pharmacies to ensure that they are complying with all regulatory standards. If the DEA pays a visit to your pharmacy, it is important to react in a calm and professional manner. Still, a DEA investigation can lead to harsh punishments and even license revocation. If you are facing a DEA investigation, contact a license defense attorney that you can believe in.

Preparing for a DEA Visit

Due to the implementation of the Controlled Substances Act, the DEA is allowed to inspect a pharmacy, investigate the receiving and distribution of controlled substances, and even take substance samples. How you react to a DEA visit can make all the difference in ensuring that the investigation goes smoothly.

Be Respectful: When the DEA arrives at your pharmacy, for an inspection, it is easy to feel attacked, and become flustered. As the inspectors arrive, being kind and respectful can set the investigation off on the right foot. All that considered, it is also important to understand your rights. A DEA inspection can only take place with your consent. If the inspection is not being conducted during standard business hours, or there is not proper personnel on site, you can request for the inspection to take place at a different time.

Be Prepared: It is wise to always be prepared for a DEA inspection. The inspection process can be expedited immensely if you are properly prepared. Inspectors will likely request biannual and perpetual inventory, an inventory on expired drugs, and prescription information for controlled substances. Having the necessary information readily available can go a long way in ensuring a quick investigation.

Know When to Act: Knowing how to react to certain steps taken by the DEA, can be critically important to any subsequent legal proceedings. If the inspectors take a controlled substance sample, you should also test a sample of that substance. Keep any and all materials related to the investigation logged in a file. If you believe that the inspection is leading to potential legal trouble, contact your attorney immediately.

Contact an Illinois DEA Defense Lawyer

A visit from the DEA can be an incredibly tense process, for any pharmacist. If you believe that you may be in violation of any DEA regulations, it is wise to seek out legal representation, as quickly as possible. A DEA investigation can lead to audits, fines, and even professional license revocation. With over a decade of experience operating within the state of Illinois, Attorney Joseph J. Bogdan is prepared to help you secure the outcome you deserve. To schedule a meeting with a knowledgeable Illinois professional license defense attorney, call us today at 630-310-1267.



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