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I Passed the Boards. Why Is My Nursing License Being Denied?

 Posted on January 13,2023 in Nursing License Defense

IL defense lawyerGetting a nursing license is a major accomplishment; not only does a prospective nurse have to go through years of school, but she must also pass extremely challenging tests and then apply for a license in the state in which she wishes to practice. Unfortunately, even if a student has excellent grades and performs well on the board examinations, she may be surprised to find her nursing license has been denied anyway. If you are in this situation, read on to learn why a nursing license may be denied and how you can get help from a professional license defense attorney.

Prior Convictions

Certain crimes can allow IDFPR to deny an applicant’s license. While disclosed crimes rarely cause this, if the board finds out about an undisclosed crime, they can and will bar someone from getting their license until there is a satisfactory explanation. In a worst case scenario, they may see the lack of disclosure as an attempt to defraud the licensing board rather than an honest mistake. However, certain crimes are an automatic bar from getting a nursing license, including crimes that require registration as a sex offender and certain crimes against children or patients. It is important to have help with the appeals process so you have the best chance of presenting a good explanation for any disclosure mistakes.

Out-of-State Disciplinary Issues

If you recently moved to Illinois after having your license sanctioned in another state, the IDFPR may deny your license application in Illinois. Because your license applications are processed using your fingerprints and other personal data, the IDFPR has access to an extensive amount of information about your criminal and personal history. Criminal behavior or license disciplinary issues in other states may appear in a background search and prevent you from getting your current nursing license approved.

In-State License Disciplinary Issues

If you have had any other type of professional health license (such as a physician’s assistant license) suspended, revoked, sanctioned, or otherwise disciplined, you may find that your RN license application will not be approved. You may also face a denial for not meeting the probationary requirements of any previous discipline your other healthcare licenses faced.

Contact an Illinois Nursing License Defense Attorney

Trying to figure out why your nursing license may have been denied and what you can do about it can be a very frustrating experience. Fortunately, you can get help navigating these complicated situations by scheduling a free consultation with the experienced Illinois professional license defense attorney with The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc.. Call our offices today at 630-310-1267 to find out how we can help.




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