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How to Qualify for an Illinois Psychology License

 Posted on November 15,2017 in Psychologist/ Social Worker License Defense

Illinois license attorneyThe field of psychology can go in many different directions. Although most psychology students choose to pursue a career in counseling and similar services, there are also other career paths, such as psychological research, business development, and organizational communications, to name a few. For those who are pursuing a career in counseling, there are several licensing requirements that must be met before the applicant can receive his or her clinical psychology license.

Requirements for the Clinical Psychology License

To receive the license to practice clinical psychology, the applicant must have graduated from a doctoral program in counseling, school, or clinical psychology that has accreditation by the American Psychological Association and approval from the National Register of Health Service Psychologists. The applicant must also finish two years of supervised clinical, counseling, or school psychology experience.

To obtain a clinical, school, and counseling psychology license, there is a one-year residency requirement for all applicants. One-year residency is defined as 30 semester hours at an accredited institution within 24 months, or at least 350 hours of student and faculty interaction with face-to-face individual lectures within 18 months.

Application Fees

The application fee to become a clinical, school, or counseling psychologist is $50, and you will also need to pay an additional fee that accounts for the cost of determination of eligibility and examination requirements.

If the applicant does not show up to the testing site on the day he or she is supposed to take the test, then the application fee will be forfeited. If the applicant is applying for a clinical psychology license under the laws of another jurisdiction, then he or she must pay $100. To become a continuing education sponsor, the cost is $500 to apply.

If the clinical, counseling, or school psychologist’s license needs to be restored for any reason other than inactive status, then the restoration fee is $50 plus all lapsed renewal fees. If the licensee needs a print copy of his or her record, then the cost is $20. To renew the license, the clinical, school, or counseling psychologist must pay $80 per year and $250 per renewal for continuing education sponsors.

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Seeing all of your hard work pay off from many years of studying psychology is the best feeling in the world. To obtain your license, however, there are many requirements that must be met before you can practice counseling, school, and clinical psychology. If you are working toward your psychology license, then The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc. can assist you. To schedule your consultation with an experienced DuPage County license defense attorney, please call 630-310-1267 for further legal assistance.




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