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How to Maintain an Illinois Medical License

 Posted on September 06,2017 in Medical License Defense

continuing education requirementsEarning a license to practice medicine takes a lot of time and effort. With all of the hours put into the hard work, every minute counts. In order to maintain good standing as a practicing medical doctor, there are many requirements that need to be met, including continuing education. The time and effort made for the purpose of continuing education are monumental for the practicing medical doctor’s license to stay valid.

Requirements for Continuing Medical Education

Practicing medical doctors may randomly be selected by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation for an audit and to provide proof and evidence of CME credits. Therefore, it is very important for doctors to keep records of their CME activities, even though it is not required.

Doctors must comply with Illinois continuing medical education requirements, in order to renew his or her medical license, and must renew the license every three years by July 31st. Before the doctor’s license will expire, the IDFPR will send a notice regarding renewal for record keeping.

How Many Hours of Continuing Medical Education?

A doctor renewing his or her license must complete 150 hours of continuing medical education. If a renewal applicant is renewing his or her Illinois license for the first time, then he or she does not have to comply with CME requirements as of yet.

At least 40 percent of CME hours must be obtained through formal continuing medical education programs, and at most 60 percent of CME hours can be obtained through informal continuing medical education activities and programs.

What If a Physician Cannot Complete CME Requirements?

If a practicing medical doctor cannot complete continuing medical education requirements, then he or she must complete and submit a CME Waiver Request form to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation before July 31st.

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Medical doctors spend a lot of time taking care of their patients and ensuring that they are in great health. Practicing doctors need to keep up with the latest medical trends and learn more about how to help their patients in the best way possible. Attorney Joseph J. Bogdan has experience representing healthcare professionals to state boards and federal agencies. He is more than happy to assist you with your case. If you have questions about renewing your medical license and continuing education requirements, please call a skilled Illinois professional license defense attorney from The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc. at (630) 310-1267 to arrange a free consultation.



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