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How Can Malpractice Claims Affect an Illinois Medical License?

 Posted on April 30,2024 in Medical License Defense

Illinois medical license protection lawyerThere are a variety of situations where doctors or other medical professionals may be accused of malpractice. A physician may be accused of providing substandard care, such as by failing to take the time to fully complete medical examinations, failing to order the right diagnostic tests, or misdiagnosing an illness or other medical condition. Malpractice claims can lead to disciplinary actions by the Illinois Medical Board, which could significantly affect a physician's career. In these situations, legal counsel from an experienced attorney can help a healthcare provider respond to accusations of malpractice and defend against discipline to their license or other potential consequences.

Understanding Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider deviates from the standard of care in the treatment of a patient, resulting in harm to the patient. Claims can arise from errors in diagnosis, treatment, aftercare, or management of a health condition. A doctor or other medical provider may be accused of failing to properly consider symptoms reported by patients, failing to review a patient’s medical history, or multiple other violations of the standards of care that other professionals with the same level of education and experience would have followed in similar situations.

Potential Disciplinary Actions by the Illinois Medical Board

When a malpractice claim is filed, it can lead to an investigation by the Illinois Medical Board. Depending on the findings, a number of disciplinary actions may be taken, including:

  • Reprimand: This is often considered a warning and is one of the milder forms of discipline. It does not restrict the physician’s license but goes on his or her permanent record.

  • Probation: The medical professional may be allowed to continue to practice but under specific conditions imposed by the Medical Board. These conditions could include undergoing additional training or education, undergoing periodic performance reviews, or working under supervision.

  • License suspension: The Medical Board can suspend a physician's license for a certain period of time, during which he or she cannot practice medicine. Suspension is typically reserved for more serious violations or repeated offenses.

  • License revocation: This is the most severe penalty and involves the permanent removal of the physician’s license to practice medicine in Illinois. Revocation is generally pursued in cases of gross malpractice or when there is a direct threat to patient safety.

  • Fines and restitution: In addition to or instead of licensure actions, the physician may be required to pay fines or compensate the people who have been affected by his or her actions.

Impact of Malpractice Claims on a Physician's Career

In addition to the effects on a provider’s medical license, other aspects of their career may be affected, including:

  • Professional reputation: Disciplinary actions can significantly damage a physician's reputation, potentially leading to a loss of patient trust and a decrease in patient referrals.

  • Employment opportunities: Disciplinary records are public, which can affect future job opportunities. Hospitals and clinics typically perform background checks and may hesitate to hire someone with a history of malpractice claims.

  • Insurance premiums: Malpractice claims can lead to increased malpractice insurance premiums, significantly affecting financial overhead.

  • Loss of hospital privileges: A doctor or surgeon who has been accused of malpractice may no longer be able to provide services in certain hospitals or medical facilities, limiting the types of treatment he or she can provide for patients.

  • Loss of provider status: Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance companies may no longer recognize a doctor as a provider, which can limit opportunities to provide care for patients.

  • Loss of board certification: Medical specialty boards may respond to malpractice claims by revoking a provider’s certifications. This can affect a doctor’s reputation and other aspects of his or her career.

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