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Four Ways You Could Lose Your Nursing License in Illinois

 Posted on June 28, 2019 in Nursing License Defense

IL license defense lawyerMost occupations in the healthcare field require specialized education and training that can take years and years of hard work. The last thing you would want to see happen is for all that work to be taken away from you because of one mistake. In the state of Illinois, there are certain rules and laws that you must follow when you are a nurse. A violation of these rules could result in disciplinary action, such as probation, suspension or other reprimanding actions. For some offenses, you could have your nursing license revoked, meaning it is permanently taken away from you. This can be devastating for those who have made their career from nursing. Here are a few ways in which your nursing license could be taken away:

Refusal to Participate in a Recovery Program

Part of a nurse’s job is to dispense medication to patients. This means they have almost unlimited access to certain drugs, which can be tempting for nurses who have addiction issues. If it is discovered that a nurse has an addiction issue or abuses alcohol, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) will often suspend his or her license until they have entered an addiction recovery program. Nurses who refuse to enter a program or who cannot complete the program successfully may lose their nursing license.

Drug Diversion

Drug diversion occurs when a nurse takes medication from the medicine cabinet to use it for an illicit purpose. Some nurses take medication such as opioids to fuel their own addictions, some take the pills for friends or family and some use the pills to make a little extra cash by selling them. Either way, this is a crime and can even result in criminal charges, let alone the loss of a nursing license.

Falsifying Patient Records

One of the most important aspects of a good nurse is that they are accurate. If a nurse records something in a patient chart that did not actually occur, or they omit something from a patient chart, it can be damaging and even life-threatening to the patient. Falsifying patient records is a big no-no and can result in a license revocation.

Patient Abuse or Neglect

Most nurses are pure of heart and are in the profession so they can help people. Unfortunately, not all nurses have good intentions when it comes to taking care of their patients. If it is determined that a nurse was intentionally or inadvertently harming his or her patient, their nursing license can be revoked.

An Illinois Nursing License Defense Attorney Can Help

Being a nurse can present itself with tough and unique challenges, but there are certain instances in which the IDFPR will intervene. If you have been accused of violating rules or regulations that pertain to nurses, you should immediately contact a knowledgeable Illinois nursing license defense lawyer. At The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc., we can help you throughout the investigative process. Do not let your career stay in jeopardy -- call our office today at 630-310-1267 to schedule a free consultation.



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