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How Failing to Pay Child Support Can Threaten Your Professional License

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IL defense attorneyIf you are part of a profession that requires a license and you have a child support obligation, you should be aware that failure to pay child support could mean that you will lose your professional license. Your professional license may be in jeopardy after only 30 days from when your child support payment becomes delinquent.

This only applies to court-ordered or court-approved child support payments. Informal agreements cannot be used as a basis for professional license suspension or revocation.

Other Licenses Could Also Be Revoked

Illinois also has the right to revoke other licenses for parents in child support arrears. Hunting, fishing and driver’s licenses belonging to an owing parent could be canceled or not renewed. While some may wish to let a hunting or fishing license expire, payor parents are less likely to let professional licenses or driver’s licenses expire.

Why Is This Program in Place?

Some people argue that just because one is in arrears on child support does not mean that his or her professional license should be placed in jeopardy. People also argue that taking away one’s way to earn money puts the person in even a worse financial situation. Someone with a suspended professional license will have a harder time catching up on back child support.

While these arguments do make valid points, Illinois has decided that taking away a professional license is an effective method to get parents to pay. Illinois was once one of the worst states in the ranking for child support collection with billions of dollars owed to payee parents.

Each time Illinois has enacted a program tying a type license to child support payments, it sees an immediate increase in the payment of back child support. For example, in the six months following the program that revoked hunting licenses, Illinois collected nearly $130,000 from 90 parents. Thus, there is an incentive to keep these programs in place.

Call an Illinois License Defense Lawyer

If your licensing board has contacted you about a possible suspension due to back child support issues, you should immediately seek legal counsel. At The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, LLC, we understand that these cases can be complex and that there is often more than one side to a complaint.

Our office can also assist you in getting your professional license reinstated once your child support balance is current. We have the experience needed to make your best case before the board. If you would like to receive a consultation from an Illinois license defense attorney, call 630-310-1267 today.




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