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Dealing with Pharmacy Audits in Illinois

 Posted on June 28, 2017 in Pharmacy License Defense

Illinois pharmacy audit defense attorneyPharmacies undergo both random and routine audits to ensure they are meeting the needs and best interest of consumers. Safety, cost management, and compliance are all issues that are examined during these inspections. Pharmacy audits may also search for any evidence of drug diversion among staff members. Learn how to protect yourself and your pharmacy from consequences of a poorly completed audit with help from the following information.

Advance Preparation for Routine Audits

Routine audits typically occur around the same time each year. Because of this, pharmacists and personnel have time to prepare. It is highly suggested that pharmacies do this with an experienced attorney who can conduct a review of the contracts, policy manuals, agreements, and other documents. An attorney can also review the pharmacy’s day-to-day operations to search for any compliance issues that need to be addressed. Lastly, an attorney can ensure you understand the audit process so that you and your staff know what to expect.

Preparing for a Random Audit

If you may receive notification of a random audit, it is important to contact an attorney immediately. You and your staff may not have a lot of time to prepare, and preparation can often improve the outcomes of random audits. In addition to hiring an attorney, you and your staff can start preparing by:

  • Maintaining sound filing practices,
  • Scheduling the audit for a date that you will be prepared and available,
  • Keeping all audit-related correspondence in a safe and secure place,
  • Forwarding all correspondence to your attorney as soon as you receive it,
  • Holding a staff meeting to prepare them for the audit process,
  • Having papers and information ready and prepared before the audit,
  • Conducting a self-audit,
  • Videotaping or recording the audit, and
  • Preparing a designated area for the audit.

Post-Audit Issues

If your pharmacy has already undergone an audit and you were flagged for issues, it is crucial that you search for quality assistance as soon as possible. Able to review your findings report, an experienced pharmacy audit lawyer can advise you on your options and help you find the most favorable path. They can also represent you, should you face any issues pertaining to drug diversion or a report to the DEA.

Contact Our Illinois Pharmacy Audit Lawyer

If you have received notification of a pharmacy audit, contact The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc. for assistance. Dedicated and experienced, our Illinois pharmacy audit lawyer can help you prepare for and mitigate against audit issues, including those pertaining to drug diversion, compliance, and safety. Schedule a free consultation to learn more. Call 630-310-1267 today.


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