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Can a Healthcare Professional Get Hospital Admitting Privileges Back?

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IL medical license defense lawyerMany different healthcare professionals need hospital admitting privileges. While doctors are perhaps most commonly thought of as using hospitals to practice medicine, other professionals, such as nurses who work in birthing centers next to hospitals, need admitting privileges, too. Not being able to admit patients to a hospital could put patients at risk of serious injury or death, and healthcare workers simply may not be able to do their job without hospital admitting privileges. Unfortunately, loss of hospital privileges can happen for a number of reasons. If you are being threatened with loss of admitting privileges or have already lost your admitting privileges, make sure you work closely with an Illinois medical license defense attorney.

Why Do Healthcare Professionals Lose Hospital Admitting Privileges?

People lose hospital admitting privileges for many reasons, although the most common are for issues related to not following hospital protocol and accusations of providing poor patient care. However, other reasons - such as abuse toward colleagues or falling short on an improvement agreement designed to increase the standard of your practice - may trigger the loss of admitting privileges as well.

If you have had your medical license suspended, you will need to work on getting that reinstated before you can gain admitting privileges again. You may need to complete a waiting period, a substance abuse program, or submit a reactivation application.

Once your license to practice medicine is free and unencumbered, you will have to apply to a hospital to get your admitting privileges reinstated, whether they are full admitting privileges, courtesy privileges, or surgical privileges. Each hospital has a board or committee that is responsible for reviewing applications and awarding or denying privileges.

The process of applying for admitting privileges typically involves a large amount of paperwork. Mistakes or inaccuracies can derail or delay an application, as can insufficient explanations of why your admitting privileges were revoked or what you have done to become eligible for reinstatement. Working with a medical license defense attorney can help you ensure you meet all the requirements for reinstatement and fill out the paperwork correctly to avoid unnecessary delays.

Schedule a Free Consultation with an Illinois Medical License Defense Lawyer

If you had your admitting privileges revoked, you may be able to regain those privileges, as well as remove any other sanctions to your medical license, with the help of an experienced Illinois medical license defense lawyer. Because these issues have the ability to seriously impact your ability to practice medicine, make sure you have someone on your side fighting for you. Call 630-310-1267 today to schedule a free consultation with The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, LLC today.



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