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Avoiding Burnout Is Key to Retaining Your Professional License

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IL defense lawyerProvider burnout is real, and it can have serious implications for your career. Many people who are at risk of losing their professional license are also burned out. Remaining motivated in your job is crucial to your overall success as well as keeping you from facing your profession’s governing body.

Signs of Burnout

  • Every day at work is a bad day;
  • You are tired all the time;
  • Your work becomes either overwhelming or very dull;
  • You feel that your work goes unnoticed; and
  • Caring about your job or home life seems like a waste of time.

How Can Burnout Affect Your Job

Burnout can lead to the following issues related to your career and license:

  • Increased provider errors;
  • Reduced empathy for patients;
  • Decreased patient satisfaction;
  • Reduction in patient compliance with treatment; and
  • Upswing in provider intent to quit the office.

As you can see, the implications of professional burnout can affect many areas of your career. While it is not always predictable how burnout will manifest itself, it is so often the root of license issues. When the provider is not content in his or her work, there could be an increased number of complaints against that individual.

Factors That Cause Burnout

While the conditions that create burnout are endless and can vary based on the individual, there are four main factors that experts have identified.

  • Lack of control over work conditions;
  • Intense time constraints;
  • Disorganized offices; and
  • Misalignment of values between providers and management.

How to Avoid Burnout in Your Workplace

The good news is that there are numerous ways to avoid or correct burnout:

  • Have positive relationships. A conversation with a good listener can help you feel less stressed and more understood. Whether this person is a co-worker, a spouse or someone from a community organization, he or she will help you work through your thoughts and feelings.
  • Try to find value in what you do. Reframing how you think about your job can have a tremendous impact on burn out.
  • Find work-life balance. Every day cannot be 100 percent dedicated to your job. Find small things you can do to relieve stress throughout your day.
  • Take vacation. So often we see providers who have not taken a vacation day in years. For a true, restorative vacation, aim to take off at least an entire week at least once a year. If you are really struggling with burnout, you must remove yourself from your workplace situation in order to remedy the problem.

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