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When Can Dentists Face Disciplinary Action in Illinois?

 Posted on October 17, 2023 in Dentist License Defense

Untitled---2023-10-17T091741.345.jpgDentistry is a highly regulated profession, and dentists are required to adhere to strict standards for professional conduct. The Illinois Board of Dentistry oversees the licensing and regulation of dentists. If a dentist fails to meet the appropriate standards or engages in misconduct, they may face disciplinary action that could potentially result in the suspension or revocation of their professional license. In these situations, a dentist will need to make sure they have representation from an attorney who has experience in cases involving professional license defense.

Grounds for Disciplinary Action for Dentists

The Illinois Dental Practice Act has established specific grounds for disciplinary action against dentists in Illinois. This law details the violations that dentists may commit that may affect their ability to protect the interests of their patients and the public. Some common reasons for dentist license discipline include:

  • Fraudulent practices: Dentists who engage in fraudulent billing practices, insurance fraud, or any other form of dishonesty can face disciplinary action.

  • Gross negligence: Dentists have a duty to provide competent care for their patients. If a dentist's actions demonstrate gross negligence or incompetence, they may be subject to disciplinary action.

  • Unprofessional conduct: This includes engaging in sexual misconduct with patients, practicing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, violating patient confidentiality, or any other behavior that undermines public trust in the dental profession.

  • Criminal convictions: Dentists who are convicted of certain crimes may face disciplinary action. These crimes can range from misdemeanor charges for drug offenses, DUI, assault, or theft to more serious felony offenses such as fraud.

  • Substance abuse: Addictions to alcohol or drugs can impair a dentist's ability to practice safely and effectively. If a dentist is found to have substance abuse problems that affect their practice, they may be subject to discipline.

  • Failure to maintain professional competence: Dentists are expected to stay current with advancements in dental practices and techniques. If a dentist fails to meet continuing education requirements or demonstrates a lack of competence, they may face disciplinary action.

The Disciplinary Process

If the Illinois dental board receives a complaint or becomes aware of potential misconduct by a dentist, it will initiate an investigation. The investigation process can involve gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and reviewing relevant documents. Once the investigation is complete, the board will determine whether there is sufficient evidence to proceed with disciplinary action.

In cases where the board believes that disciplinary action may be warranted, a hearing may be held in which the dentist can address the allegations of misconduct. The dentist may choose to contest the allegations or negotiate a settlement agreement. The types of disciplinary actions that can be imposed on dentists in Illinois include:

  • Reprimand: The board may issue a formal written statement expressing disapproval of the dentist's conduct without imposing any further penalties or restrictions on a dentist’s license.

  • Probation: The board may impose certain conditions on the dentist's practice for a specified period of time. These conditions may include supervision by another licensed professional or mandatory participation in educational programs.

  • Suspension: The board may temporarily prohibit a dentist from practicing for a specific period of time. The dentist may need to meet certain requirements before their license can be reinstated.

  • Revocation: The board may choose to permanently terminate a dentist's license and prohibit them from practicing dentistry in Illinois.

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