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Unprofessional Conduct and the Physical Therapist’s License

Illinois license defense attorneyObtaining a physical therapist’s license comes with many challenges. Years are spent studying human physiology and anatomy and learning how to correctly fix problems with the human body. Earning the license can be seen as one of the greatest accomplishments in starting the profession in physical therapy. In order to maintain the physical therapist’s license, there are rules and guidelines that the licensee must follow. If the licensee does not follow these guidelines, then he or she may face some very serious consequences.

Types of Unprofessional Conduct

Unfortunately, there have been cases regarding physical therapists who have not lived up to their licensing standards and agreements. Committing unprofessional conduct is serious, and there may be consequences that follow. Some examples of unprofessional conduct include but are not limited to:

  • Promoting sales, goods, appliances, or drugs to exploit a patient or client for the licensee’s personal gain;
  • Offering, giving, soliciting, or agreeing to receive a fee from a third party for a patient or client’s referral;
  • Revealing confidential information on a patient or client without his or her approval;
  • Practicing or offering to practice what is beyond the requirements permitted by law;
  • Delegating professional responsibilities to a person who is unqualified to perform those responsibilities;
  • Failing to appropriately supervise over people who are authorized to practice;
  • Providing excessive evaluations and treatment procedures that are not tailored to the patient’s condition;
  • Continuing treatment beyond the patient’s benefit;
  • Deliberately making misrepresentations or claims;
  • Overcharging for professional services;
  • Failing to keep records for each patient; and
  • Advertising in a fraudulent manner.

Consequences of Unprofessional Conduct

For unprofessional conduct, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation may refuse to issue or renew the physical therapist’s license, or may even revoke or suspend the license. Depending on the nature of the conduct, the Department may choose to reprimand or take more disciplinary action that is deemed appropriate, which may include the licensee receiving up to a $5,000 fine for the conduct.

Contact a Lisle IL Professional License Defense Attorney

Committing unprofessional conduct while holding a physical therapist’s license is serious. If your physical therapist’s license has been revoked for unprofessional conduct, you do not have to fight the legal battle alone. At the Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, LLC, you will be guaranteed skilled legal representation. To arrange a free consultation, please call a DuPage County professional license defense lawyer at 630-310-1267 to discuss your case.



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