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Mistakes that Could Cost You Your Hospital Privileges

 Posted on March 18,2019 in Medical License Defense

Chicago license defense lawyerThroughout the United States, hundreds of physicians are accused of misconduct each year. Many of these complaints are founded on false or inaccurate claims. Regardless of whether or not the claim of misconduct was founded on a false accusation, a physician can lose medical staff membership and privileges. If an accusation of misconduct is deemed serious, you could face a medical license review from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). In the event of a misconduct accusation, seek out the help of a legal professional immediately.

Common Physician Mistakes

When a physician makes a mistake, the error can have major impacts on a patient’s health. Due to this, hospitals hold all of their employees to incredibly high standards. Below are some of the most common errors that can cost a physician hospital privileges.

Mistreatment of Other Hospital Employees: Many misconduct complaints are placed due to abuse of co-workers. If you yell or verbally abuse a fellow hospital employee, you are likely in violation of hospital policy. If you are unwilling to accept criticism from coworkers or speak to other employees in a derogatory manner in the aftermath of a mistake, you could face a misconduct claim. It is important to note that any inappropriate or abusive conduct in the presence of a patient, is likely to lead to a medical license review.

Failure to Seek Consultation: In certain medical situations, a physician needs to seek out the assistance of a specialized consultant. Consultants are valuable aspects of medical staff when it comes to issues such as disease conditions and specified surgical operations. If you are unwilling to seek out the expertise of a consultant, you may be putting the care of your patient’s at risk.

Inaccurate Prescriptions: Patients trust physicians to accurately write them prescriptions they need. Unfortunately, medication errors are incredibly common throughout the United States. Inaccurate prescriptions can be written for a number of reasons including lack of communication between medical personnel, and misdiagnosis. Regardless of the reason behind a prescription error, the medical implications can be life-threatening.

Contact an Illinois Hospital Privileges Defense Lawyer

With experience as both a licensed pharmacist and license defense lawyer, Attorney Joseph J. Bogdan is prepared to fight for your hospital privileges. Through a strong defense strategy, our team is here to represent you through a peer review hearing. If a hospital makes the decision to suspend or revoke your hospital privileges, you are likely to face difficulty finding employment, down the road. Fortunately, a quality legal team can help. To schedule a free consultation with an Illinois hospital privileges defense attorney, contact our team today at 630-310-1267.



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