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Is Your Illinois Dental License in Jeopardy?

 Posted on October 22,2021 in Dentist License Defense

Illinois Professional License Defense LawyerThe Illinois State Board of Dentistry is the agency that oversees licensed dental professionals. If a complaint has been filed against a dental professional with the board of accusations of unnecessary treatment, substandard care, or inappropriate behavior, it is critical to have an experienced Illinois professional license defense attorney defending you against these allegations or you could risk losing your license to practice. In some cases, the patient may have also filed a dental malpractice claim. 

Why Should I Have an Attorney?

Defending against a complaint can be a complicated process, requiring the knowledge and experience of how the process works. Failure to respond to the board before deadlines and with required information can result in serious consequences for the dental professional being accused. 

The first step the board will take when a patient has filed a complaint is to decide if the complaint has merit. If the board decides it does, it will be given to a dental board investigator to begin an investigation into the allegations. Your attorney will prepare a written statement responding to the complaint, as well as help you prepare for any written questions by the dental board investigator assigned to your case. 

The written statement, as well as any responses you provide to the investigator’s questions, are the initial chance you have to share your perspective of the patient’s claims. For example, if the patient is claiming you provided unnecessary treatment, this is your opportunity to explain to the investigator why you felt the patient needed the course of treatment you provided. 

In some cases, the dental board investigator may also request an in-person meeting to further explain your side of the situation. Your attorney can also attend this meeting with you. After the meeting, your attorney can also prepare another written statement based on what transpired during this meeting. Having your attorney present may be a critical component in whether or not the complaint goes any further in the process or gets dismissed. 

Once the investigator has concluded their review, they will provide the results to the dental board. At this point, the board can schedule a disciplinary conference. If this is what is decided, you have the right to request a hearing to appear before the board to challenge any disciplinary action they are threatening to take against you. 

Contact an Illinois License Defense Attorney

If you are a dental professional who has received notification of a patient complaint, do not delay in contacting a skilled Illinois dental license defense lawyer. It is imperative to have an attorney defending you against these allegations as early into the complaint process as possible in order to obtain the best possible result under the circumstances. Call The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc. at 630-310-1267 to schedule a free consultation and find out how our firm can help protect your license. 




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