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Is It Possible to Reinstate a Dental License?

Posted on October 24, 2017 in Dentist License Defense

Illinois license defense attorneyMany years of hard work and long study hours are behind you, after finally achieving your dentistry license. Once this feat has been completed, you are ready to start out on your professional journey to make a difference in someone else’s life. Whether performing a common tooth cleaning session, extracting an infected tooth, or treating a major gum disease, you now have the knowledge to help others with their dental needs. However, do you know what will happen if your dentistry license expires or is suspended, and you need to reinstate it? Is reinstating your dentist’s license even possible?

Restoring Your Dentist’s License

There are many reasons why a person’s dentistry license may be suspended, expired, or revoked. A dentist may have made a mistake when performing a routine tooth cleansing, therefore causing further complications for the patient. Or the dentist has somehow forgotten to renew his or her license. Whatever the case may be, there is still a possibility that the dentist may be able to restore the dentistry license. Depending on how long the license has expired or has been revoked or suspended, there are different rules that must be followed.

What If the Dentist's License Has Been Inactive for under Five Years?

The dentistry license applicant will need to submit proof of 48 hours of continuing education within three years of the application to restore the license. Also, the applicant must pay a $20 application fee, along with all renewal fees that have lapsed during the specific time frame. If an applicant is restoring his or her dentistry license after being placed on inactive status, then only the current renewal fee is due.

What If the Dentist’s License Has Been Inactive for over Five Years?

If the dentistry license has been inactive for more than five years, then the applicant will need to submit an application, showing proof of 48 hours of continuing education within three years of the restoration application. Only the current renewal fee is due if the applicant is restoring his or her license if it has been placed on inactive status. The applicant will also need to submit one of the following:

  • Certification of legal dental practice in another jurisdiction for three of the last five years;
  • Military service affidavit; or
  • Certification in basic life support (BLS) by an organization approved by the American Heart Association or American Red Cross.

If an applicant applies to restore his or her dentistry license within two years after ending service in the military, then the dentistry license will be restored with no required payments of lapsed renewal or restoration fees.

Call a DuPage County License Defense Lawyer

The worst feeling in life is to see your hard work for your dentist’s license gone to waste due to a lawsuit filed against you, or simply due to a missed renewal date. If you are fighting to get your dentistry license reinstated, The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc. can certainly help you obtain the most favorable outcome possible for your case. To schedule a free consultation, please call a Lisle, Illinois license defense attorney at 630-310-1267 for further assistance.



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