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Illinois Nursing Licenses Denied

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Illinois professional license rulesNursing students typically work long and hard hours in college to start their own careers in the nursing field. During the pinning ceremonies and following commencements, these students celebrate their hard work and look forward to the beginning of a new journey. However, a prospective nurse needs to understand and adhere to the guidelines while applying for a nursing license. There may be obstacles that keep the person from the ability to obtain a nursing license, thus keeping him or her from pursuing a passion for nursing.

Nursing License Revoked

An applicant may be determined unfit for licensure if he or she has a criminal background. If the crime consists of armed violence, dishonesty, or false statements, then the applicant may be disqualified from obtaining a nursing license.

If an applicant has drug offenses on his or her record and has violated the Illinois Controlled Substances and Federal Drug Enforcement Laws, then he or she may be considered unfit for licensure.

The applicant may also be disqualified if he or she has been convicted of any sex crime and if he or she has committed a crime related to the nursing practice.

If the applicant is determined unfit for licensure, then he or she will receive a notice by mail that the application was denied, revoked, or suspended with the stated reason.

There May Be a Chance for a Nursing License

An applicant may have a chance to apply for a nursing license with no setbacks if he or she has completed probation or parole supervision. However, if no parole was granted, an applicant may apply for a nursing license when a 10-year period has elapsed after the final discharge or release from imprisonment with no conviction.

However, if the applicant does not pay fines or restitution, chooses not to undergo medical or psychiatric treatment, makes a false statement on a nursing license application, or does not give additional information needed on an application, then the applicant may not have a chance to apply for his or her nursing license.

Contact Your DuPage County License Defense Lawyer

A nursing license pays off after the long hours of studying to become a nurse. However, those dreams could be taken away by a single offense. If you have run into issues regarding your license, contact a skilled Illinois professional license defense attorney. Attorney Bogdan has several years of representing clients in various health care cases, and he is ready to assist you in your case. To schedule a consultation, please call the Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, LLC at (630) 310-1267 to get the help you deserve.



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