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How Can I Defend Against the Loss of Medical Board Certification?

 Posted on January 28,2021 in Medical License Defense

IL license defense lawyerDoctors and other medical professionals are required to meet a large number of requirements before they can practice medicine. These requirements include obtaining a medical degree from a qualified medical school, completing a multi-year residency training program, and obtaining a medical license. However, a person’s training will not end at this point, and to ensure that they are providing quality medical care to patients, medical professionals will need to maintain up-to-date knowledge of medical science and standards while continually working to improve their skills.

In addition to meeting licensing requirements, doctors and medical providers will often obtain medical board certification from specialty boards such as the American Board of Pediatrics or the American Board of Surgery. This certification demonstrates that they meet high standards of care and are continually improving their knowledge and skills. To maintain board certification, providers will need to participate in continuing medical education, and they must pass assessments to ensure that their knowledge is up-to-date and that they are providing quality medical care to patients.

Reasons for Loss of Board Certification

In some cases, providers may face the loss of their board certification if they fail to meet the ongoing requirements that show that they are continuing to improve their knowledge and skills and providing the best possible care for patients. Fortunately, medical specialty boards offer a variety of programs and initiatives to help providers obtain education, further their knowledge, and meet the requirements to maintain certification.

In other cases, a provider may face the loss of board certification if they are accused of violating a specialty board’s professionalism standards. Providers are required to behave professionally when treating patients or working with colleagues, practice the appropriate self-care, and refrain from violating laws. A specialty board may take action to revoke a person’s board certification due to:

  • Accusations that a provider has behaved inappropriately, such as by committing sexual harassment against a patient or coworker.
  • Claims that a provider has abused drugs or alcohol or struggles with mental health issues that affect their ability to practice.
  • Actions taken by the DEA against a provider’s controlled substance registration following an investigation that uncovers evidence of drug diversion.
  • Disciplinary action against a person’s medical license due to medical malpractice claims or other evidence that a provider has failed to meet the required standards of care.

Providers who are facing license suspension, revocation, or other forms of discipline from a state medical licensing board may also need to address these issues with a medical specialty board. By working with an attorney, medical providers can take the proper steps to show that they are continuing to meet their requirements for board certification and avoid damage to their reputation and career.

Contact Our Illinois Board Certification Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of acting unprofessionally, or if you are facing discipline to your medical license, you will want to understand how this may affect your board certification. The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc. can help you determine your best options, and we will provide you with representation in meetings with board committees or hearings regarding your certification. We will do everything we can to ensure that you will be able to continue practicing medicine and providing quality care to your patients. To arrange a free consultation, contact our U.S. medical specialty board certification lawyer at 630-310-1267.


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