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How Can a Prescriber or Pharmacy Fight DEA License Suspension or Revocation?

Illinois Lawyer for Healthcare Providers Under Drug Enforcement Administration Investigation

If you are a healthcare professional whose license is under review as part of a DEA audit or investigation, your career may be in jeopardy without experienced legal guidance and skilled representation. The first step in preserving your license and reputation is to act quickly and contact The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc. as soon as possible.

DEA License Hearings

To achieve a favorable outcome, it is imperative you enlist the help of an attorney who focuses on this area of law. As a registered pharmacist and former Illinois Department of Professional Regulation prosecutor, Attorney Joseph J. Bogdan is who you want by your side. His nearly two decades of representing licensed professionals and protecting the rights of prescribers and pharmacists can prove invaluable in your case.

Attorney Bogdan can file a request for a DEA administrative hearing, and then negotiate with the DEA and reapply for registration. The structure and schedule of a DEA hearing are comparable to a regular trial. Your court appearances are decided, discovery periods for evidence collection are set, and various witnesses are presented. A federal administrative law judge will hear your case and issue a final ruling based on all provided evidence and testimony.

Hiring DEA Assistance in Illinois

Penalties for noncompliance from the Drug Enforcement Administration can be substantial. This includes professional license and DEA registration suspension or revocation, probation, or in the most severe judgments, incarceration. With his extensive medical and legal experience, Attorney Joseph J. Bogdan has aided many healthcare professionals in DEA-related cases, including:

Prescribers and pharmacies are under heightened scrutiny for compliance from the DEA due to increased utilization of electronic records and data mining within the industry. Violations and insufficient remedies can lead to the shutdown of a healthcare provider's business. To prevent this from happening to you, contact The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc.. With your professional future at stake, you can depend on Attorney Bogdan's vast knowledge of DEA regulations in securing the best possible outcome for your situation.

Contact an Illinois DEA Investigation Lawyer

Regardless of the allegations you face, quick action is critical if the Drug Enforcement Administration has sent you a notice that you are under investigation. With Attorney Joseph J. Bogdan, you get a dedicated lawyer with valuable experience in the defense, prosecution, and investigation of license suspension and revocation cases. There is a reason why other law firms seek the advice of Attorney Bogdan in medical licensing matters and why clients have trusted his legal guidance for nearly 20 years. To begin your defense today, and to learn how an Illinois DEA audit attorney can help you, contact us at 630-310-1267 for a free consultation.

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